Friday, 3 January 2014

Jumping the gun

Yesterday I posted about the strange problem I had early in the morning, I noted that my oncologist didn't think it was anything neurological and that I was pleased about that. It turns out I was jumping the gun! I had a routine appointment with my GP this morning, while I was waiting to see him I was asked to complete a survey about the practice, it was then that I discovered that I was unable to write properly. My GP thought that there was a good chance I had a neurological problem. To cut a long story short I've since had a brain MRI which showed that I've had a small stroke. I'm writing this from the stroke unit at the Bristol Royal Infirmary where I will be at least until Monday. I'm taking aspirin to ensure any clots in my blood are dissolved and I will be kept under close observation. 

I am feeling pretty well with just a heavy feeling in my head and some lack of coordination, but nothing major. I'm glad we know what actually happened yesterday as it was a worry not knowing what had caused my problems.

That's all for now but I will post again when I have something more to report.

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