Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy new year

Katie and I spent New Year's eve alone with a very good bottle of Champagne and a delicious Thai meal that we cooked together. Well, what really happened is that I made the sauce for the three flavoured fish while Katie deep fried the spring rolls, made the laab salad, cooked the fish, the rice and prepared several of the ingredients for me to use. I did open the Champagne and eat most of the dishes so I pulled my weight in the end!
The enjoyment of New Year's eve didn't last long into 2014. This morning I woke up at 6:30am with the room spinning, I also had a headache and a strong feeling of nausea. My brain seemed to be disconnected from my arms and legs and Katie had to half carry me to the bathroom so I could throw up. After about 15 minutes the nausea and the spinning subsided and I fell back to sleep until around 9am. As luck would have it I had an appointment with my oncologist today. He thinks the symptoms I experienced could be down to problems with my blood pressure, with my blood sugar level or with the level of various salts in my blood. I was concerned that it was neurological in origin but he doesn't think it is and I'm relieved about that. I've had a blood test so that may tell more soon. My oncologist advised that we call an ambulance if it happens again, especially if I don't make a rapid recovery as I did this time.
The primary purpose of meeting with the oncologist was to talk about treatment options. I'm feeling positive about the consultation as it is clear that he's willing to consider some less orthodox options as the more conventional routes become increasingly thin on the ground.
The plan we agreed is that my next treatment will be pazopanib assuming my cardiologist agrees that the risk of heart complications is acceptable. If pazopanib is a 'no go' then sorafenib, a similar type of drug, is the next option but again this depends on the cardiologist's opinion. If sorafenib also poses too many risks we'll try a standard chemotherapy agent (probably dacarbazine) in conjunction with metformin. My oncologist has consulted with Prof. Judson at the Royal Marsden about my case, he's recognised as the UK's top expert in LMS so I'm happy that we've done what we can to make a good choice of treatment in what is a very limited position.
I will see my oncologist again in two weeks and I hope to restart treatment as soon as possible after that meeting.
I think a photo is definitely called for at the end of this post. I've just started reading Donna Tartt's latest book 'Goldfinch' which is all the excuse I need to post this:
Happy new year to you and let's hope that the 2014 brings many bright days to us all.

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