Thursday, 30 May 2013

Waiting for the results of my latest scan

The last three weeks have been very enjoyable. Katie and I spent ten days up in Scotland and we had a great time. The weather was surprisingly cooperative and we saw some great wildlife and some wonderful scenery. The side effects from my last treatment were milder than they have been on any of the previous twelve cycles of Trabectedin so I've been feeling pretty good.
Yesterday I had a CT scan and this afternoon I have an appointment with my oncologist. It is highly unlikely that the radiologist's report on the scan will be available so soon however the oncologist will be able to take a look at the images and see if he can determine if the cancer is stable or if the tumours have started growing again. Past experience has taught us that unless the scan shows a very clear change in the tumours we can't take the oncologist's interpretation as anything other than an indication - we've had a previous instance when the radiology report came to a different conclusion from the one the oncologist had reached.
As usual the scan results are absolutely crucial. If the cancer is stable my intention is to go ahead with three more cycles of Trabectedin. If the cancer is growing we'll have discuss next steps with the oncologist. 
Waiting to get the results of a scan always makes for a tense and stressful few days. Sitting in the waiting room ahead of seeing the doctor is always the most difficult time in my view, I find in near impossible to think about other things whilst waiting to be called in. The clinic is often running up to an hour late so that also adds to the tension.  
I'll post a further update on the situation tomorrow or over the weekend, in the meantime here are a couple of images from Scotland. The first is a dipper and the second is a rainbow in a glen.


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