Thursday, 9 May 2013

Cycle thirteen

Earlier this week I had my thirteenth infusion of Trabectedin. The last cycle was probably the easiest one I have had since I started the treatment with this drug back in April 2012. There is no reason that we can give for why cycle twelve was so much better than cycles ten and eleven but the change is certainly welcome! I'm hoping the rest of this thirteenth cycle goes just as well but I know that chemo side effects are a little like investments: past performance is not necessarily a guide to the future!
I should have my next scan week of 27th May so that's the next significant milestone regarding my treatment. 

As many readers of this blog generously contributed to my fund raising efforts for Cancer Research UK, I thought you might be interested in some promising new research that they funded that could, in the long term, really help in improving cancer treatment and in running clinical trials. You can read the article by clicking this link. This is typical of the work that Cancer Research UK fund and is a good example of how the funds raised through your donations are spent.  
Following the great time I had photographing kingfishers recently I decided to go back to the same farm in Worcestershire to see if I could get some shots of Little Owls. I picked a lovely sunny day but the owls were not very cooperative. I spent ten hours sat in a hide during which time the owls showed up for only six minutes! I did manage to get a few decent images so in the end I was happy with my day:

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