Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Latest round of treatment completed

After two failed attempts to have my latest round of treatment last week my white blood cell count finally crossed the line yesterday and I was able to proceed with the Trabectedin.

All went well with the infusion. As usual the large dose of pre-med steroids gave me a completely sleepless night yesterday so I am little tired tonight. That's the third cycle of treatment completed, I'm going to have a scan after the fourth. Given that I've had to delay this and the previous treatment both by a week I wouldn't be surprised if that happens again next time, in which case I will get the scan results in five or six weeks from now.

Katie and I don't usually have much luck seeing owls, but this year we've had two great sightings so far, a fantastic view of a barn owl during our trip to Norfolk in February (guess who had their camera in the boot of the car at the time) and one of a very obliging Little Owl during our trip to Rutland Water a couple of weeks ago. Yet again the camera was in the boot but the owl waited while we drove out of sight so I could get out of the car and retrieve the camera without spooking it.

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