Saturday, 30 June 2012

Missing neutrophils

I was scheduled to have my most recent round of chemotherapy on Wednesday of this week, unfortunately when I went to the hospital a blood test showed that the level of neutrophils in my blood were too low to proceed. Neutrophils are a type of white blood cell. I tried again on Friday with the same result and am now scheduled to have another go on Monday, third time lucky I hope!

The delay pretty much mirrors what happened ahead of my last round of chemotherapy where I had to wait a week for my neutrophil count to recover. As this has now happened twice I suspect that the oncologist may want to adjust some aspect of the treatment or move me to a four week cycle so that I can resume a more predictable pattern going forward. In the absence of having chemotherapy I've been feeling very well.

I've recently bought myself a trail camera. This is a camera that is designed to be left outside for long periods, it's triggered to take a short video or a still photograph when it detects movement using a PIR sensor. The camera works in daylight and is also capable of recording images at night using infra-red. Katie and I bought the camera as we suspected we might have badgers visiting our front garden from time to time. On the second or third night that we left the camera outside it recorded the following:

(If you have trouble viewing this video, you can see it on youtube at this link:

I'm looking forward to trying the camera out in various other locations now. Katie's mum thinks she may have foxes visiting her garden so that is the next venue we'll try.

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