Saturday, 15 November 2014

Time for a new hat

I'm now well into my second cycle of gem/tax chemo and I'm still finding the side effects to be quite manageable. The most concerning issue so far is that a blood test earlier this week showed that I have anaemia. I've been feeling quite well so it was surprising to discover this. I'm scheduled to have a blood transfusion early next week which should resolve the issue for now at least. Despite the anaemia I was still able to go ahead with the chemo which was my main concern. I'm still getting fluid retention but it isn't causing me serious concern at this time and most of my other problems are cancer rather than chemo related I think.
One predictable impact of the treatment has been hair loss. I lost my hair when I had the drugs back in 2011 and I've now lost it this time around too. As a man who already had thinning hair I don't really find this side effect to be too troubling. I've bought a new hat to wear, apologies to those who have already seen this on my Facebook page but here's my temporary new look!
We're currently still working on ways to improve my mobility. I'm taking a drug that seems to be having some positive impact so we're slowly increasing the dose to see where it delivers maximum effect. Progress is a little slow but I do feel things are moving in the right direction.

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