Friday, 5 September 2014

Some minor surgery

Over the last twelve months I've had a number of small tumours grow close to the surface of my skin. These have appeared in various places including my chest, under my left arm, on my right arm and on my head. For the most part these small tumours do not cause me a problem unless I accidentally bump one on something in which case they can be quite painful for a few minutes! However, the largest one on my head has made it impossible for me to sleep on my right hand side, any pressure applied to it causes significant discomfort. The tumour is large enough to be visible through my hair and will become quite unsightly if it grows much bigger. I've decided to get this tumour removed and saw a surgeon earlier this week who confirmed that it should be a routine procedure performed under local anaesthetic. I'm due to get this done in a couple of weeks time and I'm hoping I'll soon be able to sleep on my right side again.
Katie and I had a routine appointment with my oncologist yesterday. We are continuing with the cyclophosphamide until my next scan which is due towards the end of this month. I've been having a few more symptoms the last week or so in the form of abdominal and chest pain and discomfort. This has been pretty mild and hasn't stopped me from doing anything but is concerning in terms of what it may suggest about the ongoing efficacy of the current treatment. I've also continued to have difficulty sleeping so I've stopped taking melatonin to see if that helps. 
My oncologist discussed with us what we want to do next if the forthcoming scan shows the cyclophosphamide isn't working. The options that are available really are very limited now, I think I need to do some more concentrated research in the coming weeks to make sure I've identified those things that could be worth a try. My oncologist is going to consult with colleagues to see if there are any new ideas or trials that might be appropriate.
During the summer Katie and I have visited a number of gardens. I like taking photo's of flowers and Katie has a strong interest in gardening so we both enjoy these trips. Here are three shots from recent visits, the first is from the Courts Garden in Holt, Wiltshire and the second and third are from the RHS Rosemoor garden in Devon.


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