Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A very welcome improvement

Over the last ten days or so I've noticed a number of improvements in how I'm feeling. My pain is still well controlled, the fatigue that was becoming an increasing concern for me has gradually begun to ease and my appetite has improved a little. I'm feeling much more energetic than I've been for a while and I'm experiencing less nausea too. Taken together I really feel like I've taken a step forward in comparison to how I've been these last weeks. Just like so much about my illness I can't offer any real explanation for this improvement in my condition. I'd like to think that it indicates that the pazopanib is working, but I'm trying not to get too excited as only a couple of weeks ago I was pretty sure it wasn't! I'll find out for certain when I get the result of my next scan in three or so weeks time.
Not only have I been feeling better these last few days but the weather has also decided to perk up too. This has given Katie and I the chance to get out of the house a little, I've even taken my camera out a few times. We've visited a couple of very nice gardens, I can particularly recommend the 'secret gardens' at Kilver Court if you ever happen to be in Shepton Mallet. Aside from that we've been putting our BBQ to good use, sitting in the garden in the early afternoon sun is a very nice way to while away a couple of hours!
Here's a photo of Kilver Court:
Those of you who read my last blog post regarding Archbishop Mennini's recent intervention on the Assisted Dying bill may be interested to know that Dignity in Dying, the charity campaigning for the bill to be passed into law, decided to share my blog entry on their website (click here to view). I'm really pleased my blog entry has been able to reach a wider audience and to help support Dignity in Dying in this very important campaign.  

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