Sunday, 13 April 2014

Healthy eating, the alternative way

Over the last few weeks I've been struggling to maintain my usual body weight. I've only lost six pounds or so but I weigh less now than I've weighed since coming out of hospital following hydrocephalus back in 2011. Weight loss is a very common symptom of cancer and is also one of the more common side effects of the treatment I'm on so it isn't too surprising that I'm experiencing some problems. I've been given a leaflet entitled 'Coping with a small appetite' that advises on what to eat to try and maintain body weight, I thought I'd share some of its recommendations although I do warn anyone who is on a diet not to read on as you may become rather envious of this alternative approach to healthy eating!
Here are some of the recommended foods that I find appealing:
  • baked beans or eggs on toast with plenty of butter and topped with grated cheese;
  • fried beef burgers or sausages;
  • pizza;
  • for a light snack eat sausage rolls, scotch eggs, samosas, pork pie, pepperoni, cheese, nachos (with full fat dips and cheese), chocolate or shortbread biscuits, crisps, chocolate or nuts (presumably not all at once!);
  • low fat puddings should be avoided. Eat full fat, luxury yoghurts, custard, rice puddings or ice creams;
  • other pudding ideas include sponge puddings with custard, cake or crumble with ice cream or custard, waffles or pancakes with chocolate sauce or cheesecake with cream.
This is definitely the bright side. Best of all, when I tuck into my sausage ciabatta at breakfast tomorrow I'll do so with a completely clear conscience for once!

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  1. Paul. If you do go for the yoghurts then make sure you go for full-fat pro-biotic yoghurt. There's increasing evidence that the beneficial effect of the good bacteria extends beyond the immediate environment of the gut. The effect is a systemic boost to the immune system that is exactly what's needed when faced with cancer.