Thursday, 6 February 2014

Back on treatmemt

I'm now back on treatment having just had my first infusion of dacarbazine. The drug is delivered through an hour long intravenous drip. The main side effect is nausea although the full range of typical chemo issues are possible. From previous experience I know that I need to wait a week or so to have a good view on my own reaction but for now I'm feeling fine.
I got the results of the brain MRI that I had last week. Compared to the previous scan they indicate a significant improvement. My oncologist's view is that this is very positive and that it is also compatible with the cause of the abnormalities being a Lymphoma. I will continue to take steroids for the next ten days or so and will have another brain scan at some point in the future to see if there has been any further change. In the meantime I've been told that I should continue not to drive until my oncologist has had chance to discuss my case with one of his colleagues, hopefully I'll get more information on what they decide soon.
Having a break from chemotherapy has been very welcome. Katie and I have been able to take several shorts trips away which, despite the recent weather, have all been very enjoyable. Last week we were down in Padstow for a couple of nights with friends. This was one occasion when the unsettled weather actually added something to the experience. The sea provided an entertaining display for us with the surf crashing in and breaking in spouts over the rocks. This made a great subject for a photograph or two (click the images to view at larger size).


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