Sunday, 17 November 2013

An afternoon as a sports photographer

I had a really enjoyable time this afternoon courtesy of Bath Rugby. A couple of months ago Katie contacted them and asked if it would be possible for me to have a press photography pass for one of their matches. The club were happy to help and so today I got to pretend to be a professional sports photographer at the LV Cup game between Bath and their west country rivals Exeter Chiefs.
Sports photography isn't as easy as it may look. Within a few seconds of the match starting Bath scored a try pretty much directly in front of where I was sitting. The attacking move was so quick and the try so close that I completely failed to get any shots of Bath crossing the line! Bath then went and gave a repeat performance straight from the restart, I did a little better that time around but still wasn't fast enough to capture the peak action. Sitting low down just a couple of yards behind pitch provided a pretty spectacular position from which to view the game. The speed and power of the players is really impressive up that close.
I took eight hundred photo's this afternoon so I haven't had chance to sort through them yet, however here are a couple from those first two tries. Bath's Carl Ferns makes the break that leads to the first score:
Winger Mat Banahan runs through a tackle on his way to setting up the second try:
Many thanks to Bath Rugby for making this possible and to Katie for organising it for me.     

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