Friday, 13 September 2013

Autumn Hare

I had a routine oncology appointment yesterday and finally got the radiologist's report from the CT scan that I had back on 16th August. I'd already been told verbally that it showed that the tumours are stable but I always like to get a copy of the report just to be sure there are no surprises lurking there. This time around the report confirms what I was told: the radiologists view is that the tumours have not changed in size or appearance since my previous scan back in May. This is really good news.
I will now have another three cycles of chemotherapy prior to my next scan, that should take me through into December. I will have my next treatment on Wednesday next week after having another PICC line inserted on Tuesday morning.
By way of celebrating the scan result Katie and I decided to go out to dinner at one of my favourite restaurants - Hudson's Bar and Grill in Bath. It specialises in steak, not the most healthy food for the body but certainly good for the spirits! By way of a double indulgence we also called in at the Salamander for a pint of 'Autumn Hare'. This is the seasonal autumn beer of Bath Ales, I think it's their nicest brew and I always look forward to it becoming available at this time of year. I only drink one or two beers a month so I'm very fussy about finding a pint that I really like!
With hospital stays and unfavourable weather I haven't been out with my camera these last few weeks. Here's a photo I like that I took a few years back showing the Empire Hotel and Pulteney Bridge in Bath at night. The bridge was designed by Robert Adam and completed in 1774.

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