Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Here's a quick update following on from my last post. The snow here in the South West meant that I didn't get the ultrasound scan on my legs done until Monday. The scan didn't show any sign of a blood clot which was good news but leaves us none the wiser as to what caused the rash on my ankle last week. The rash cleared up over the weekend anyway, perhaps it was the pint of real ale I had on Saturday that did the trick! I'm not supposed to be drinking during this treatment but given that my liver function is ok at present I'm treating myself to one alcoholic drink every four week cycle. Those pints of beer taste extremely good to me!
On Tuesday I had my twisted PICC line removed from my right arm and a new line inserted into my left. I'd had the PICC line since May last year and I was starting to get some skin irritation in the area covered by the dressing, my right arm will get a chance to recover now.
The procedure for inserting the PICC line is virtually painless, perhaps the most uncomfortable part was having to listen to a really cheesy 1960's music compilation which included Cliff Richard. I've found having chemotherapy through the PICC line much better than having it via a temporary cannula inserted into the back of my hand. Not only is the PICC line more convenient it also prevents the chemotherapy drugs from damaging the veins in the hands and arms which is something that can happen when chemo is administered via a cannula.
My tenth Trabectedin chemotherapy cycle begins tomorrow, blood count and bed availability permitting.

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