Thursday, 22 November 2012

Good news on my scan results

I received the results of my latest scans today. I'm pleased to be able to write that the scan of my brain showed no abnormalities and that the scan of my chest, abdomen and pelvis shows that the cancer there is stable. This is a good result. Trabectedin, the chemotherapy that I am being treated with, does not usually produce shrinkage of the tumours - stable disease is a success with this drug. My oncologist seemed pleased with how things are going and the plan now is that I will have three more cycles of treatment before being scanned again.
As I've noted before Trabectedin is a very expensive treatment, each dose costs several thousand pounds. One of the key reasons why this drug is available on the NHS is that the Spanish company that market it, Pharma Mar, have agreed to pay for the drug for any patients receiving more than five cycles of treatment. I've had seven cycles so Pharma Mar is now paying for the drug related part of my treatment costs. Drug companies sometimes get criticised for the costs associated with their products however, as Pharma Mar has shown with Trabectedin, they are sometimes able to put in place schemes that enable patients to access drugs that would otherwise not be available. Well done Pharma Mar and well done to the NHS for securing a good deal!  
Here's a recent photo that I took of a view over Bath. This shot was taken from the National Trust land that is adjacent to Widcombe Hill and shows the view looking to the north west over the Recreation Ground to the slopes of Lansdown Hill. St. Stephen's church tower is visible in the top right of the image with Camden Crescent just below it.
My fund raising efforts continue to go well with over £1,300 raised so far. Thanks again for everyone's support and generosity in making this possible. Anyone wishing to contribute can find out more on my website:

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