Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Help me raise money for cancer research

The more I find out about cancer the more important I believe cancer research to be. Over recent years there have been some significant breakthroughs in the understanding of cancer, in a number of cases these have led to the development of new and much improved treatments. Simultaneously, these breakthroughs open up many promising new avenues of research that will one day produce further advances in treatment - assuming that funds can be found to conduct the necessary work.
As someone who is benefiting from the outcome of previous research programmes, I recently decided that I'd like to raise some money for Cancer Research UK. To do this I've come up with the idea of producing and selling a photo book containing my favourites from the wildlife images that I've taken over the last few years, I've called this book "Wild Portraits", here's the cover of the book:
I've chosen to donate the money raised to Cancer Research UK. They are one of the largest cancer charities in Europe and fund research into all aspects of the disease. Developments in cancer research benefit cancer patients from around the world so discoveries made by Cancer Research UK help patients both at home and abroad.
The book is available in two forms. If you have an iPad you can purchase it as an iPad eBook for £4.99. I also have a limited number of hard copies of the book for sale at £20, if you would like one of these then let me know. 
If you prefer you can support my fund raising efforts without purchasing a copy of the book by making a donation via my 'just giving' page.
For full details on how to purchase the iPad eBook or on how to make a donation just visit my website www.paulwaldron.net. This site also contains links where you can view a preview of the book and where you can see how my fund raising effort is progressing.
Many thanks in advance for your support!


  1. Hi, Paul. I just highlighted this on the Facebook page for the George Pantziarka TP53 Trust. Please feel free to mention details on the forum too. Every little helps....

    1. Many thanks for your support Pan, much appreciated! Paul.