Saturday, 22 September 2012


This is my first blog post since the 2nd of September as I haven't had anything to report regarding my illness in recent weeks. Being on a four week treatment cycle certainly has benefits, I get substantially longer periods of time during which I have few or no side effects from the chemotherapy and this makes being on treatment much more tolerable. I'm due to have my next chemotherapy treatment this coming Thursday and Friday with my next scan scheduled for the week of 5th November.  
Katie and I have been on holiday to Scotland for a week. The main aim of the trip was to see some of the local wildlife. We were lucky enough to see most of what we wanted to including dolphins, badgers, three species of deer, a number of species of birds (including a fishing osprey), some very cute red squirrels and a pine marten. Here are a couple of those red squirrels:
Aside from the wildlife the scenery is also quite something, especially when the sun shines.
We're hoping to return to Scotland in the spring or early summer next year. I've discovered an estate near Aviemore that has a photographic hide overlooking a pool in which osprey fish and I'm very keen to have a go at photographing the action.   

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