Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Unexpected delay

I was due to have my second Trabectedin treatment today, however this has been delayed because I have too low a level of neutrophils, which are a type of white blood cell. The hospital is trying to reschedule my treatment for next week but this depends on the availability of a bed. I'm waiting for a call to confirm when we can try again.

Delays like this are non-optimal in terms of treating the cancer but are not uncommon with chemotherapy. I hope that my blood count recovers in time for the next attempt at treatment. One of the practical problems with the change to my treatment schedule is that the dates on which my immune system will be low have all changed too, this means that we may need to change some of our social plans which makes us very unreliable friends!

As ever there is a silver lining to be found, in this case the delay means that Katie and I have a free day tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will remain good and we'll be able to get out and about somewhere, no doubt I'll be taking my camera with me!


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