Thursday, 19 April 2012


Today has been three quarters pleasure and one quarter frustration.

First the pleasure, Katie and I bought two paintings a couple of weeks ago after attending an exhibition of a locally based artist’s work. We went along to her studio this morning to collect the pictures. It was great fun buying directly from the artist and having the chance to discuss her work with her.

After dashing home and hanging the two paintings in the dining room we went out for lunch at Yen Sushi, a place that has recently become one of our favourite lunchtime restaurants in Bath. They serve a wide range of dishes and it is easy to eat a very healthy and tasty lunch there.

Tonight we were at our favourite place for steak, Hudson’s Steakhouse. As ever the meat was beautifully tender and beautifully cooked, it went very nicely with a couple of glasses of Zinfandel.

The frustration arose from our trip to the oncology clinic this afternoon. Our expectation was that we would get the results of the CT scan that I had last week. Unfortunately the radiologist had compared that scan to a scan I had in November 2011 rather than to the more recent scan I had in January this year. The radiologist’s error left the oncology consultant and his registrar unable to determine anything meaningful about the effectiveness of my current chemotherapy treatment. The oncologist will get the radiologist to look again at the scans on Tuesday; in the meantime he recommends that I go ahead with the next cycle of my current chemotherapy on Monday.

So, another few days of uncertainty ahead until we hopefully get some answers on Tuesday!

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