Thursday, 29 March 2012

A bit of spring sunshine

The run of beautiful weather has continued this week; it is easy to imagine that it must be June rather than March. On Monday Katie and I enjoyed a walk from Marlborough through the Savernake Forest, it was slightly strange to be walking through woods in which the trees are barely in bud but with the temperature into the 20’s. Despite the bare trees spring is in the air with the woodland birds pairing up and singing out their claims to breeding territories.

Today I had a routine appointment with my oncologist. The heart scan I had a couple of weeks back hasn’t shown any problems and although my blood counts are still a little low they should be good by Monday so things are looking positive for the next round of chemotherapy. The oncologist has agreed to modify the anti-sickness drugs that I am taking to see if that will control the week long nausea that I've had each cycle. 

My oncologist confirmed what I already knew from reading about the experiences of other patients: I have been pretty lucky so far with the side effects from the Doxorubicin. He said that many people are too poorly to work when they are taking this drug let alone to be out completing ten mile walks.

Over the last couple of months I've been entering various photography competitions. So far I haven't managed to win any of them but I've had several pictures shortlisted or in runner up spots. This week one of my images was "highly commended" in the wildlife section of the 2012 Audley Travel photo competition. There were around 1800 entries to the wildlife category and judging was done by a professional wildlife photographer so I was pleased that my photo made the top ten. My image is the second one down and shows two young chimp brothers playing together in the Chambura Gorge in Uganda: 

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