Sunday, 12 February 2012

A week in Norfolk

Last week Katie and I rented a cottage in Burnham Market, close to the north Nofolk coast. We thought we’d take the opportunity to get away before I start my next chemotherapy course this coming Friday. Katie’s brother and sister in law joined us for the first few days of our stay and we had a very pleasant time.

It snowed on the Saturday night and we awoke on the Sunday to drifts up to a foot deep in places. Despite the weather we managed to do quite a bit of bird watching the highlight of which was seeing a magnificent barn owl hunting along an overgrown bank in a car park at Snettisham RSPB reserve. As we were in the car the owl was unbothered by our presence and came within a few metres of where we were sat. My camera was, of course, in the boot and I couldn’t retrieve it for fear of scaring the owl away so I missed a glorious opportunity to get some shots of this beautiful bird! Apart from the bird watching we had some very good food and a little of the excellent local real ale; I recommend Woodforde’s Wherry and Humpty Dumpty’s Little Sharpie very highly if you are ever in that area. 

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